Are you in love with your girlfriend and want to propose her? Then, do it without thinking twice!

So, the first thing that you have to keep in mind is that you need to propose the girl according to her temperament and nature and it should be completely unique way of proposing.

Be yourself and never try to overdo anything. You can make it special even while keeping it simple. If you behave in your natural way, you will find that everything will get along smoothly and comfortably.

Do it in a romantic or unexpected way! Surprise her! All girls of all ages adore surprises, believe me!
Book a table in a romantic restaurant of your city! Order her favourite dish, drink a tasteful wine and make her feel special about her. You can propose her either before dinner or during the time of dessert.


Drive her to the beach and when the sun is just going to set, you can propose her. You can play soft music while driving and make her feel that something special is going to happen with her that day.

For those who are more adventurous, plan a get away! Take a break and plan a trip to her favourite destination!
You can take her to that place where you met her for the first time and recreate the same environment and scene. This will make her recall everything and when you will propose her, she will definitely get moved and will say yes to you immediately.

There are some girls who still want their beloved to propose her in that traditional way. If your girl is of that type you can bow down on your knees and tell those three golden words that she wants to hear from you, just to impress her.

Choose the best way that fits your personality and don’t forget to book your personal photographer to capture this unique moment wherever you are!
Trip4Shot is here to help you!
Our photographer partners are known for being discreet and hiding to shoot this special happening that deserves to be remembered forever!

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