New York New York!

For many people around the world, The Big Apple is a trip-dream of life! So, grab the chance or make one (vacation,honeymoon, family trip, proposal, excursion) and visit the city that never sleeps! Take a stroll at Central Park!

You have seen it at the most films or sequels that filmed in New York, something that classifies it among the most popular parks in the world. Its most photographed point is the Bow Bridge Walk at West Village! Sex and the city movie’s fans should know that the facade of Carrie Bradshaw’s house is actually in West Village, though she is supposed to stay on the Upper East Side.

Get on Empire State Building! If you want to visit a high tourist attraction, then the Empire State Building should not be missing from your list.

The best time to go is at 8.30am or at lunch or dinner, and the ticket costs $ 32 (or $ 65 if you want to skip the queues). New York City also provides music lovers with the Bowery Ballroom, one of the city’s best live music spots. Enjoy!

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