Next destination: Lake Como… A romantic and unforgettable getaway!

The natural beauty, the romantic atmosphere and the peaceful walks in the area of ​​Lake Como are just a few reasons to plan your next trip to Italy. The lake was created when the glaciers dug the rock and separated, going one east and the other west, giving the lake its current shape and incomparable beauty. It is considered a special touristic destination in Lombardy, in northern Italy, near the border with Switzerland, which is also a favorite refuge of celebrities. Besides, it is one of the most popular lakes in Europe with many artists being inspired by its beauty, as it offers a sense of romance and aristocracy at the same time. Around the lake you can see green hills and mountains, while you can follow various hiking trails that will bring you closer to the natural beauty of the area. Located just an hour away from Milan, the visitor has the opportunity to get to know this beautiful and famous region of Italy and make a romantic getaway.

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